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Saba was launched in March 2007.                                                       

Saba stands for the "power of 7" in Swahili:

  -  7 Adaptogens in our one of a kind formula,

  -  7 weight loss ingredients in our weight loss formula,

  -  7 ways to earn Income from our Compensation Plan.

It's parent company has been in business for 20 years, and has an outstanding customer service department to support you.

Dr. Jerry Grizzle, a retired (2-Star) General from the Military, is the President and CEO of Saba.




From 1984-1991, he served as Vice President and Treasurer of Sonic Industries.  He aggressively grew the company from 865 franchises to 1250, and recognition as the #1 fast-food retailer in the southwest U.S.  

From 1991-1994, Jerry served as President and CEO of Orbit.  In 1993, he generated the largest sales volume in company history. 

From 1994-1996, he went back to school to get his Doctorate in Marketing.

From 1996-2001, Dr. Grizzle became President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for

CD Warehouse in Oklahoma City.  He executed a simultaneous IPO and acquisition process to relaunch brand-positioning which expanded market penetration, and achieved a market value of over $120 million and a stock share price of $30 in only four years.

Dr. Grizzle has been frequently profiled in business magazines, has received industry awards, and is listed in different marketing leadership studies.

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